A few months ago I was sitting at Odd Fellows enjoying dinner with my partner, Devin. As I sat there eating my fries, a beautiful woman walked in front of me. I looked at Devin and said "Wow she is gorgeous...I think I have to run after her and ask her if she would allow me to photograph her". He looked at me and said "she might think you're crazy." I didn't allow the thought of that to stop me. I ran after her, politely introduced myself and asked her if she would ever be interested in doing a photo shoot together. We exchanged numbers and went our separate ways. I walked away uncertain if anything would come of my attempt, but, at least I tried. 

Long story short, we made it happen. The results make this grown man want to cry!

I have always celebrated and appreciated the beauty of a strong woman. A woman that dreams, conquers, and never allows anyone to come in the way of her dreams. Hanna, is one of those women. Strong, independent and doesn't give a shit what you think.

There is so much beauty within all of us. You don't need to fit within a certain mold...You don't need to wear a ton of makeup and you don't need to follow the beat of anyone else's drum. At the end of the day, simply follow your heart; do what feels right for you. 

I walked away from this shoot feeling empowered and proud of my profession. Empowered by Hanna's confidence and very proud for trusting my gut.

Cheers to all the ladies across the world. You are beautiful. I'm honored to able to capture your beauty.